Tools and Resources

Tools and Resources


The University has selected Siteimprove as its digital accessibility and quality assurance monitoring platform. Testing is an important part of creating and maintaining accessible digital content. Siteimprove can be used to help ensure that your website content meets WCAG AA standards. To gain access to the Siteimprove platform please complete the Accessibility Tools Access Request Form and for assistance in addressing accessibility issues on your website contact the Digital Accessibility Coordinator.

There are additional free options, listed below, that you can also use to check your content throughout your creative process and during your testing.


Equidox is a comprehensive solution to bridging the accessibility gaps, offering a user-friendly platform designed to enhance the accessibility of PDF documents by helping users easily place the needed tags into the PDF for our users. The tool recognizes the unique challenges posed by PDFs and empowers our users to create documents that adhere to the highest accessibility standards including PDF/UA (ISO 14289).  You can find more information on our Equidox Solution Center Page.

Color Blindness Viewers

Development Tools

Development Resource

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Screen Readers

For more information on screen readers and useful guides check out Deque Universities Resource page on Screen readers.

University of Virginia Library – Accessibility Services

The University of Virginia Library Accessibility Services offers a variety of services, equipment, and resources to all members of the University community.